Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This was my first rooster ,I raised him from a two days old chick , not knowing he was going to be a rooster , it was supposed to be four hens, he was the cutest little thing .It was a great summer to see them matured into there own , I would paint on my picnic table and they would walk all over my paintings, they would come in the studio with the cat and the dog . By fall he had matured to a beautiful rooster and he knew it! We used to have little fights together but I still loved him as a pet. In his third winter he caught the flu and I couldn't save him , it was sad to see him go. OK , by now if you read this ,you must think I am crazy ! but i do love all animals.
watercolor 6x8 email me if interested

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Cooper Dragonette said...

This are fantastic Nita! What a treat to find all these wonderful roosters here at your site. Each is more terrific than the last!