Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Vermont Sugar house

watercolor 6x8 ©2014
Tim and I have just spent a wonderful  couple days in Quechee to celebrate our Anniversary, a beautiful area  with lots of interesting scenery like barns ,covered bridges and lots of sugar maple farms, it is the season to tap the sugar from the maple trees you have a short window to do this, cold nights and warm days of course I love to see the buckets hanging from the trees but now in large farms they just use plastic tubing to be collected in large blue buckets, progress does not help my paintings! email me if you are interested in this watercolor .  


Anonymous said...

If you really want to sell your art, please provide price or a link to it. Thanks.

Nita Leger Casey said...

I am sorry, just an email will do for me at this time. the price is $99.00 free shipping in US.Nita