Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not your ordinary house portrait

At one of my open studio a young couple came in with a request : If I would paint a house portrait on a Corvette hard top? not knowing what is was? I said that depends let me me see it, oh I have in the truck the young men reply, I said go get it then! after he came up to the 4 th floor with the car top, I said well never have done this but I will try my best, I always like a challenge. The story was they just had sold their parents house who had recently passed away and found the Dad's car hard top in the attic while cleaning the house for the sale, this will be a nice remembering of the house and the car. So here are some photos of the  project, Oh forgot to mention I also had to paint the car and the dog. They had provided many photos at different time.
The project is almost done , and the young couple will pick it up at next open studios  

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