Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Dove on a cold morning

6x6 watercolor
©2014 Nita Leger Casey
  Happy New year everyone! this is my first painting of the year, I woke this morning and a row of doves where on the railing just like this ,it was very cold in the teens but the sun was shining ,so I think they were sunbathing ,tomorrow they will be at the feeder eating like crazy ,snow is coming during the night and it looks like a big one!
I had a great week with all the family ,kids and grandchildren, it was wonderful to be all together , the only bad thing is we eat way too much!
So now back to painting and reorganized my gallery and studio .
Again wishing everyone a wonderful new year for 2014!
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HELENE said...

So cute! I can identify. We have them on the wires cooing away.

Vee said...

Nothing but squirrels and chickadees here. I've been eaten out of house and home. I do love the mourning doves and you painted this one beautifully. Always good to have the first painting of the year accomplished, I'm sure. Authors must enjoy having the first words written and so forth. Enjoy the cozy winter's snowing more heavily here now and the boys are home with me having had school called off. Good call.

Happy New Year, Nita!