Friday, June 15, 2012

On the coast of Kerry

miniature in Acrylic
Nita Leger Casey
In Maine for the week and did not get much painting done,I was busy socializing with friends,Kayaking, going to a play at Lakewood theatre in Madison with two good friends, and now just came down with a bad cold ,came out of no where and feeling terrible,many people told me it's going around not fun !I have been in the couch for two days.
I did paint a couple of miniatures,here is one  feeling guilty about it, you should see all the art material I brought .I will have catch up later after I get rid of this bad cold .
One nice thing happen while i was kayaking I took some great photos of a moose that was so close to me ,it was exciting,if you are my friend on facebook you can see them there . 

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