Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cottage by the sea

5x7 pastel on board  (c)2012
Nita Leger Casey
Yesterday with full of energy and a must clean the house,  this type of work is getting the least of my favorite things to do as I get older, I remember when we lived in Italy I was so proud of cleaning every day waxing all my marble floors, dusting and waxing all the furniture, now the house gets a deep cleaning when someone comes over to stay or when I can't stand it anymore, anyway in the afternoon I got  tired if this boring job and decided to paint this little pastel.
Oh another good news I heard this Saturday while at the plant sale at our local Library, A mother of a past student was so happy to tell me that her daughter who I had for many years as an  art Student is now the Deputy Director of textile design for Martha Stewart, I was so happy to hear this, it was the best reward ever to hear of of your student has done so well, better than a prize for myself .
 Before I became a daily painter I had a small art program at my house every day for over twenty years , many of my students have done wery well, so proud of them !
This painting is for sale $100.00 shipped ,email me nlcasey@charter.net

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Vee said...

Oh how wonderful to hear such good news about a former student! Housework. Same old thing, right? =D