Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hamilton cove

Pastel 6x8 (c) 2011

Nita Leger Casey
Pastel painted on Location in a foggy and cool morning while everyone else was baking on the East coast,I am back in land still in Maine but now feel what everyone was complaining about .At one time in my 200 mile journey back to my cabin in the Western mountains of Maine it was 97 degrees, very unusual for this part of the country .I must say we sure had the best two weeks painting in the Lubec area , a lot of new work done and took lots of photos .
this painting is for sale ,email me

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Vee said...

Back in Western Maine? Now you're in my corner. I wondered if the weather was cooler on the glad that it was. Tomorrow should be a lot better in the weather department.

Lovely painting showing the mists and fog. Doesn't look easy to do.