Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Colonial red "
miniature 2,5x3,5 ACEO copyrighted 2010 sold
Nita Leger Casey
Can't you tell I love red ? it has to be my favorite colors , on my clothes my interiors my paintings , my car, of course that just got me a speeding ticket last fall , I think cops love to stop red cars .
Well we had another very hot day today , actually went to Boston but was too hot to paint there , I stayed in the air conditioned building and sketched some people reading the newspaper , a good exercise to do ounce in a while , I have a small book with me at all times when I am waiting for someone .Tomorrow we are going back to the Hollis common to paint , early before it gets too hot, I think this weather is going to break by Saturday with some rain, we hope all the lawns are brown .
Sunday the big trip to Maine about height hours of driving to my favorite painting spot.
aceo always available comes in a card with a certificate.


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Margaret Bednar said...

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