Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Spring Plein air , Willard Brook . pastel 11x14 still in progress !
Nita Leger Casey
A wonderful Spring week end it was! for New England that is , because it was snowing in Texas.
Yesterday I cleaned the yard and the chicken coop , later in the afternoon Tim and i went to a chicken farm in Ashby to get some new Hens ,I had missed my chickens over the winter I needed a new batch , on the way there I found this beautiful scene with a brook , told Tim I am coming back to paint this scene , we took three hens , all different types ,stopped for ice cream and got them settled in their new homes , the neighbors came over to greet them ,they also have chickens and they spend a lot of time in my yard also , just a big family here !
So today after breakfast I decided to go back to this nice spot ,while I was painting i saw the farmer
and in the process i decided to get two more hens , I figured it was best to get five now , because it is so hard to introduced new ones at a later date , so I now have five new girls all different colors , i am sure i will paint them !
this painting still needs some work ,but decided to post it anyway .

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Vee said...

It's fun to see the variety in your work...delightful dresses in shop windows and this lovely scene that you felt compelled to return to. All this and you raise chickens, too? My goodness!