Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mt Washington, NH (c)2010
8x10 oil on canvas ,

It certainly was hard leaving this beautiful place in the White Mountains and the new friends I made , it was a real experience i never imagined I could do, paint in 10 below 0 , on top a huge mountain , the third day it was a little warmer 14 degree but the wind came in the afternoon then it was like 20 below . My body was warm all the time but my toes was another story, these warmer packs you put in your shoes did not work, the other challenge was painting with heavy gloves , I wipes out a lot of areas before i got use to it ,we were outside from 9 AM to 12 watching Stapelton Kearns doing his demo , took an hour lunch break and went back out until 4:30 PM.to paint , 2 -16 x20 and one 8x10 was produced in these three days Great workshop great teacher , and very happy to have done it, this was the painting i did before leaving . If you are brave, I recommended it .

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Roxanne Steed said...

Wow, I am impressed Nita...that is some awesome effort just getting out in air that cold (it's lower than I thought it would be!!). Wow!!!