Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mt Lafayette, NH 16x20 oil on canvas
Nita Leger Casey
Painting of snow camp last week , this was the first day on the mountain .
I don't actually know where this week went ,it seemed like a flash ,you go away for a few days then two days to catch up , getting ready for another show it went very well .
Very happy about our opening ! over 200 people came to greet the artists plenty of goodies to taste, music, beautiful artwork on the wall , reacquainting old friends just a wonderful cultural afternoon at the Chelmsford Library. Also want to thank all the members of the Breakfast Club who pulled this off , it takes... a team ,and we have a great one ! so please visit the show , it is up until the 27 th of February.also check our blog
If you are interested in any of my paintings , email me, I will be glad to answer any questions you have , I also take layaway .


Vee said...

The thing I noticed right away is the changing light...such a good thing! Another charming painting. I love it when painters do winter scenes as well as the other seasons. The big question is this: Have you warmed up yet?

Dana Chabino said...

I saw this painting on

And really liked it! which in turn lead me here to your blog. Glad I found it, your paintings are really great!!

Best wishes,