Monday, August 10, 2009

Maine Coastal rocks,copyrighted 2009 by Nita Leger Casey
8x10 Acrylic
I added some texture in this painting ,something I very rarely do,but turned out OK,
While I was blogging just now , we were called to the barn and watch the birth of a calf, all of us artists had been waiting all day for the event, very exiting to live in a farm for two weeks, lots of happening!

email me if you are interested $150.00 +shipping

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beckielboo said...

Hi Nita, I especially love this one, but everything you've done in Lubec is so beautiful. I can not imagine retreating with your friends for 17 years. That is an amazing lifetime gift and I hope it goes on for 34 more years (or more)! I'm so glad you've found a new place, that must be a relief. And, a baby born for you and your friends to witness. Blessing for today? What a wonderful measure of time! And you know what? I've had the most incredible 3 or 4 days myself! Life is so good!