Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gilman pond
What a beautiful week end, the weather has been great! enjoying walks with Clancy,taking photos of wildlife , a deer this morning , the loons that comes and visit . we have come here for 25 years and we have been so lucky to have a set of loons at all times ,I sometimes wondered how old they are? I know they always come back to the same pond, they have had chicks about every other year if the water level stays stable ,a hard thing to control as we never know what nature has in store for us. Loons are not able to walk on the ground, so it is must that a water level be very regulated for the eggs not to wash out of their nest on marches or weeds along the shore. they are fascinating birds and we do love them and watch out for them. If you have never listened for the sound of a loon , you are missing out a wonderful experience.
I captured this late scene of the pond that lasted about ten minutes before the sun went out the mountain turned gold for a moment. I sat on a rock and painted this scene in acrylic on watercolor paper.
acrylic on paper 7x10 matted If you are interested email me $100.00

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