Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back view of the Olson house
Took a little artistic licence on this view and moved the water closer , I am thinking of doing a larger view of this one when I am finished with my commissions , I have so much work planed in my head , I don't know where I will find the time for all the paintings I want to create .
If you ever go to the Rockland area , this is a wonderful place to visit in the town of Cushing .
And you know who painted there? Cooper knows..
This is a miniature 2.5x3.5 Sold


n warner said...

YUP...goes by the initials AW....has a sister CW, and a famous son, JW...
and father - don't remember right now...ALl are artists...I like it...christina's house.
Nice... Nina

k. Madison Moore said...

Beautiful as usual.
How are you my friend? Miss you.