Monday, January 22, 2007

Campobello cottages

I have spent my summers painting in and around the Bay of Fundy on Campobello Island , and this little scene was done from the ferry going to Deer Island NB. It was perfect day with a morning light shining on the cottages.
This is an 8x10 oil on canvas
email if interested
all my work is original and copyrighted


Terri McCulloch said...

Hello Nita - just came across your website and your lovely image of the cottages on Deer Island. On many occasions I have seen artists out on Grand Manan painting in situ in the summer. It's lovely to see. I keep a bay of fundy blog and I wonder if you'd mind me mentioning that you are one such artist who has done this - then I would link to your blog. Do let me know....Terri

Marewheeee said...

The light in this painting is great!
My husband and I rent a cottage in Parrsboro, NS for two weeks each summer. We drive up through Maine and New Brunswick. I love the scenery up there. The blue green water and the red mud.