Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Summer garden House Portrait

Work in progress , watercolor 11x14 ©2015
I had all intention do blog more after I got back from my trip to France, well it didn't happen yet because I have many commissions to do before the Holidays .
Yes, we had a wonderful trip visiting my family and celebrating birthdays, the weather was great ,the food was excellent and just being with the family it was priceless! So happy to be back before this horrible attack in Paris ,these last few days have been with sad emotions and not knowing where this will take us. The world is in Turmoil!
 Good thing I am busy with all this work! Last year I had done the front of this house, it was all decorated for Christmas and now I am doing their beautiful back yard.
 Next I have a house on a lake so more houses to come....
#houseportrait #summergarden #watercolor 


Vee said...

The people of France must be so uneasy. I can not imagine their emotions and your emotions as you think of your family. It is true that the world is in a mess. Something needs to resolve...even if it is only within our own hearts and minds. So glad that you had a good visit and I am glad also to read that you have a lot of commissions this Christmas season. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Vee said...

All that and I did not say what a beautiful home...would hate to clean it, but love seeing it. I like how you framed the photo with your easel and paintbrushes, too.

Nita Leger Casey said...

Thanks Vee, i just noticed your comments, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well,and hoping this world will get better soon!