Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Organic beauty

Watercolor 6x8
After working on two different  major projects for the pass month, I am back with some fun subjects to paint, I love animals and cows are one of them, growing up in France I was exposed to the country life every summer when my mother would sent me to my older sister's house who lived in a village full of farms, my job was to go get the fresh milk before breakfast from the farm next door, it was still warm by the time I got back at the breakfast table, and now I still spend part of my summers on farms in Maine where I paint the beautiful landscape. This one is from  the Tide Mill organic farm in Maine, they now produce the MOO milk sold all over New England. email me if you are interested


Vee said...

Moo milk? I've been under a rock. Must g00gle. What a sweet-faced moo-cow!

Vee said...

I shall pick some up today. It is sold at my local grocery.