Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seen better days, in Maine

6x8 watercolor
Watercolor © 2013  sold
Nita Leger Casey
Just came back from Maine, after a nice week there, you can tell  it's the end of the summer and fall is right around the corner a few picking colors here and there , we took a ride across our pond to find a friend who had moved when I came up on this old corner store  who had seen better days ! over the years I have seen this country store with different owners, a little sad when no one can seem to be  able to make a living there. Maine as a lot of these small places sometimes so far remote from populated area and yet needed by many! I decided to paint the poor thing in a watercolor ,maybe someone will recognize it. email if you are interested

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Susan said...

This is lovely Nina. I recently returned from my yearly trip to Maine and I see these little roadside places too and wonder.
Thanks for sharing!