Sunday, January 13, 2013

Heald Pond #3

Pastel 6x8
copyrighted 2013 
Nita Leger Casey
Our snow is melting fast with this warm weather we are having but I am keeping up with my mood of painting these scenes in town before it all goes, actually today Tim and I took a Sunday drive to another favorite place of mine about 60 miles from here by the ocean thinking I would capture some snow scene there, no snow to be found! I did manage to get a few fog scene with some marsh land , also made a stop at a nice gallery in the town  of Newberryport. Clancy got to walk in town where many people gave him lots of attention, tons of dogs were out for a walk .
This particular scene of the frozen pond I could keep on painting it,i just love this place ,I love how the sun was coming through the shadows. 
this painting is available now email me, $100.00

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