Sunday, March 11, 2012

commission project

A commission project for a larger painting (c) 2012
Nita Leger Casey
 A custumer who is redecorating has asked me to paint something for her new living room , this is a 6x12 ,the actual painting will be 20x40 , I am doing a few small ones before I work on the larger one, this is her vision of  a pasture wildflowers, farm house etc.. by next week I should know what exact scene I will be doing . Also working on illustrating a children book ,so my days are pretty busy these days . 


Vee said...

How wonderful to be so busy and creative, Nita. I want to know about the children's book as I will be purchasing it for certain when it is on the market.

Studio at the Farm said...

Lovely composition, Nita. Good luck with the large painting!