Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sketch of view from the studio

Not much time to paint the last few days with the preparation of the Lowell open studios , a city wide event  for two days, hope the weather will be in our favor , not too hot and not raining , the fall has come fast in Massachusetts , the colors have not changed that much but the leaves are falling already, .I do love fall with all it's  activities , apple picking ,corn maize, fairs art shows etc...
I posted this small sketch to show it is always a good idea to do before you do a painting and work on the composition,drawn anytime free time you have ,it is a good practice !
Tomorrow I will be hanging paintings for the show !

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Vee said...

Isn't it funny about the leaves...not much color here either, but the leaves are falling all brown and colorless. Must've been the storm or too much rain? Wishing you all the best with the event!