Friday, August 27, 2010

Mt Saint Mary School ,
oil on canvas
16x20 , copyrighted 2010
Nita Leger Casey
Studio light

The studio is taking shape !

Today I did paint in it for the first time , on canvas that is , no walls ! it felt very nice and very peaceful , no phone calls, no TV in the background ,no dog wanting to go out , no vacuum looking at me no yard calling my name and laundry to be fold ! Just me and my canvas and paint! I am so looking forward to create new paintings in this studio .
This painting was inspired by a beautiful entrance to a school in Manchester .I took artist license to change a few things , it's a 16x20 oil on canvas .
Email me if you are interested


Tamalie said...

I LOVE it! It really sounds like you had a very productive time painting there this week - loved the St. Mary's painting!!!

Beth West said...

Very, very pretty! Both the studio and the painting. Glad you're enjoying it.

Helen Read said...

It looks great! Nice to have the perfect space!

Angela said...

Beautiful I love it. I especially like the photo of the chair and the light.