Wednesday, November 04, 2009

La Statue de Jeanne D'Arc . watercolor 5x7 copyrighted 2009
Nita Leger Casey
Actually when I went to art school , many many years ago , that was my challenge for my acceptance , it was to depict the entrance of Jeanne d'Arc in Orleans . I remember to be a big task, we did not have all the resource we have now, but I made it , wish I still had this painting , but at the time it was kept for their archives . The old school was torn down and replaced with a beautiful new one and a wonderful museum , if you visit the city , it is well worth to see it.
Girl and soldier, saint and heretic, savior - since the time of her death, Jeanne has inspired thousands of historians, poets, and painters. Each of them tells a different story. Guided by what she thought were divine voices, Jeanne revived French fortunes in the Hundred Years' War. She played a major (and somewhat mysterious) role in rallying the flagging forces of Charles VII against the English occupier in 1429, leading her troops to breaking the siege of Orléans and having Charles VII officially crowned king in Reims the same year. She was later captured and sold to the English, who burned her at the stake for heresy and perjury in 1431, in Rouen France. Her death only made her more powerful.
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