Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring in France, copyrighted 2008
A funny thing happened today , I woke up with my cell phone alarm thinking ,I better get up and hurry up to meet my walking friends with the dogs , I get ready, go to the cemetery and start walking the loops in this beautiful place perfect for walking , we usually meet at 7 AM , I do a few loops and my cell phone goes off again , I looked and it said 6AM , how could it be? I wake up at 6 , thinking my phone was off ,then I looked at the church steeple and yes it was 6AM , what happen the first time I was dreaming that my phone was ringing so I actually got up at 5 AM . So
I went back home and had more coffee, and later met my friends at the right time . The dogs were happy to have two walks this morning ,and we had a good laugh .
Watercolor 5x7 , email me

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Patrick said...

Great Painting.. PS Check your email from Margita L.