Saturday, January 12, 2008

Turquoise blue challenge

Spending the day with a group of wonderful artists from the Pastel Painters of Maine and the Pastel painters of New Hampshire , we all gathered in Nashua at a members house and had a challenge with the color turquoise blue , the still life was well arranged for all of us to do. Thank you Carolyn for your graciousness, our lunch was wonderful!
Between all of us , we had hundreds of colors sprayed out , it's funny how pastel painters never have enough colors , it's like an addiction! we actually love to look at them sometimes for months before we actually used them , we always know the newest sets available , we rater get a set of pastel than jewelry from our loved ones . Because I use all medium I know this never happens with oil painters or watercolorists . Our boxes weight a ton because we are so afraid to be with out them, sounds familiar pastel painters?
I did two paintings today , this one was for my daily ,the other was larger with flowers .
6x6 pastel on Wallis paper . if you are interested email me

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