Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cat at the door, copyrighted 2007

Christmas lunch today, for the Breakfast Club, we are a group of artists who meet every Wednesday to share art adventures, dilemmas, successes ,critique, just about anything to do with art, we have been doing it for almost 20 years .We come from all around the Nashua ,NH area , I myself live in Massachusetts only 10 miles from Nashua we meet at Borders book store every week at 10 AM , any local artist is welcome.
I am posting some of my cards a la carte designs , this is the back door of one of my neighbor's house, when this kitty was waiting at the door one day on my morning walk I couldn't resist to make this painting. This is an original watercolor 8x10 email me if you are interested

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Trine said...

Don't you dare give up watercolours. They are absolutely stunning. We so much need the variation in dp and we definately do not need 150 people painting still lives in oil every day. Off to check out many mroe of your works. Lovely roosters by the way too but your buildings are my favourites today.