Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Woodland path
Posting between commercials as the game is on , Go RED SOX !
This is a path that goes to the mountain where the bears live , last year I was about 30 feet from one, he came down while I was painting at our picnic table , my husband was talking to me when he said to me BEAR.. , I didn't panic ! I grabbed my camera from the table and walked to get a better shot , he actually posed for me , he was a teenager ,I guess! but big enough, about a month later one of my neighbor bragged about getting his bear, I was a bit sad because he really was a cute one, I might paint him one day from the photo I took.
Maine woods series
The Woodland path , 8x8 wrapped canvas, $100.00 + Shipping email if interested
All my work is original and copyrighted

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