Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lonely house on the coast of Maine
When you drive on the coast of Maine ,you will find many of these lonely houses , I am always attracted to them and wondered the past history, who lives in them .This is one of them, had me stopped dead on my tracks to capture the light.
oil, 16x20 painted on linen. $800.00 email


C. Ousley said...

Mr. Hopper would approve this one.

Sue's Daily Photos said...

That's what I'm dreaming about whe I think to Maine! A small nice house like this one in your painting, you captured the ambiente very well! I really want to see that State and his beautyful coastlines with all the lighthouses and of course tho eat the world famous Maine Lobsters!!:-)) Your blog and your work is WUNDERFUL.I enjoyed it very much to look at.