Saturday, March 10, 2007

Red house in New Ipswich

Took the day off from painting, and went to the Worcester Art Museum , all by myself , normally I always go with a friend but today I wanted to enjoy and take my time in front of these beautiful paintings and only dream to paint like them, they was a painting by James Abbot McNeil Whistler of the lady with a fur jacket , arrangement in Black and brown , I feel in love with that one, I had never seen that particular one , it was very large , I always wondered how did they moved them around in the old days ? Horse and carriage I guess! no SUV. Actually I have been fortunate to have exhibited a couple times in the house where he was born , at the Whistler art Museum here in Lowell,MA
Another Winter scene , and you must know by now I love red!
Oil, 6x6 on canvas $100.00 Paypal

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