Thursday, February 08, 2007

Strawberry banks Winter

Another good painting day, the house is not getting cleaned ,but when you are on a roll , you better use that energy and creativity .The dust will pile up but who cares! plus it is too cold to go out, I feel bad for my poor chickens , I have three of them two hens and a rooster, one day I will post some of my paintings of them .

I have continued a small series of Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth NH,In this one I liked all the different roof lines with the sunlight on them.
This is a 8x8 on Canvas
email me if interested


Patricia Lee Christensen said...

Your colors are stunning! I love the feel of the sunny winter day and the long shadows from the trees.

Marewheeee said...

Hi, I enjoyed looking at your blog. I knew someone who had chickens and she couldn't put a heat lamp in the chicken coop because it messes up their sleep/lay cycle? Poor little critters out in the cold like that. I have some fabulous photos of the rooster she had and these sweet fluffy white chickens. I used to enjoy stopping to see them but she moved and they're gone.
Nice paintings.